It's Been a big birthday year!

I'll just name check the "big" ones.

It's been a funny old year! One way or another. We always try to celebrate team birthdays. This year we have celebrated volunteer trustee Hetley 80th and Martha and Ellies 21st birthdays. Both during the lockdown. It's looking as though we'll be celebrating our fifth birthday in lockdown too!!!!

Working together

Play X-change

Dan's Den hosted it's first play x-exchange February 14th 2018. This involved residents of Abbeyfield residential home visiting and engaging with our lovely littlies. A year on we will be hob-knobbing with Glen Rosa and Kitwood residents. We aim to be a truly inclusive part of the Ilkley community whether you are 9 months or 80+

The Bigger Picture

By mirroring the Sunflower Lanyard scheme run at most UK airports, various supermarkets and Marks and Spencer. Dan's Den hopes to extend their "warm heart" to families that may have reservations about attending a soft play centre. Sunflower lanyards are available to take away and we have sunflower stickers for the children. This help identifies families who may need support and tolerance from others.

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