Chief Knitter!


Lovely Val, was part of the Dan's Den role out team back in 2015. She is responsible for our small but perfectly formed kitchen. As well as supporting Dan's Den she volunteers with the Cats Protection League and Christchurch. Val leads a team of Christchurch knitters who kindly share their knitting and crochet talents. In the form of Prayer Shawls which we are delighted to give to as many newborn attendees to Dan's Den.

Working together

Play X-change

Dan's Den hosted it's first play x-exchange February 14th 2018. This involved residents of Abbeyfield residential home visiting and engaging with our lovely littlies. A year on we will be hob-knobbing with Glen Rosa and Kitwood residents. We aim to be a truly inclusive part of the Ilkley community whether you are 9 months or 80+

The Bigger Picture

Volunteer Engagement

Dan's Den has had the pleasure of supporting Martha from a valued volunteer to a permanent member of the kitchen team. She continues to be a role model for children and young adults with additional needs and will be driving Autism awareness week in Dan's Den, Monday 1st April.

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